Information Technology [IT]

IT’s core mission is to provide experienced oversight with actionable leadership to all of the technology initiatives supporting the Northbridge Municipal Government.

Guiding Principles
Align IT with Organization Goals:
Information Technology has become a vital component in every municipal department's service delivery methods. As strategic plans are developed, the adoption of new technology will be driven by how it interrelates within the organization framework as a whole.

Capitalize on Existing Resources:
Many solutions exist today for Municipal government applications that were not available just a short time ago. Information Technology will work to determine best practice approaches and wherever possible, incorporate low-cost or no-cost solutions.

Deliver Appropriate Technology:
Budget limitations demand that the implementation of new technologies be done to promote services firstly. IT will not invest in new technologies simple because they are new or for any technical acclaim.

Realize Effective Return on Technology Investments:
New investments into technology require consideration of the rate of change with modern tech development.  IT will consider strategic longevity factors when reviewing larger investments.

Refine Raw Talents and Services:
Soft-cost savings is a difficult metric to measure with the use of technology systems.  IT will seek out and recognize whenever possible, the utilization of inherent staff talents and constituent experience. 

Simplify Technical Work Environments:
Decentralized approaches in a municipal business environment are inevitable given the multitude of diverse functions working together in a governmental workplace.  IT will continue to standardize and centralize systems where possible, for a more easily managed, streamlined environment.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Scott Motyka Town IT Administrator (508) 234-9056