Bylaw Review Committee

Per the Town's Charter, Section 8-9 (b) By-Law Review: The Board of Selectmen shall at five-year intervals, in each year ending in six, or in one, cause to be prepared by the special committee appointed for that purpose, a proposed revision or recodification of all bylaws of the Town which shall be presented to the Town Meeting for reenactment not later than at the Fall Town Meeting in the year following the year in which the said committee is appointed.  The Bylaw Review Committee shall consist of two persons appointed by the Town Moderator, two persons appointed by the Board of Selectmen, and one person appointed by the Planning Board.  Persons appointed by the said agencies may, but need not, be members of the agency by which they are designated.  The said committee in its final or in an interim report shall include recommendations for such substantive change in Town bylaws as it deems necessary or advisable.  The review of Town bylaws shall be in conjunction with the Town counsel or by special counsel retained for that purpose.  Subsequent to enactment by the town meeting, copies of the revised bylaws shall be forwarded to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth for approval, and they shall be otherwise published, all as required by general laws.  Copies of the revised bylaws shall be made available for distribution to the public at a charge not to exceed the actual cost, per copy, of reproduction.

Board Members

Henry Lane