Open Space & Recreation Plan Update Committee

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The Town of Northbridge is updating its Open Space & Recreation Plan (OSRP).  The OSRP shall help guide decision-making regarding land use, land acquisition, management of open spaces, conservation areas, recreational facilities, and natural resources.

An OSRP Update Committee has been established to prepare/update the town's Open Space & Recreation Plan.  The Committee has hosted several meetings & continues to seek public comment as part of this important initiative.  Recently the Committee issued a Survey Questionnaire seeking input from the public (survey closed 04/15) on town amenities & needs. 

On May 11 2022, the Committee hosted its third public forum, providing an overview on the components of the Open Space & Recreation Plan and reviewing with attendees the results of the recently completed Public Survey.  The Committee also sought additional input on Open Space Lands (town-owned); Habitat & Resource Protection; and an Inventory Assessment of existing Recreational Facilities (ballfields, playgrounds & hiking trails) within Northbridge.

The Committee intends on issuing its first draft of the OSRP June/July 2022, with the intensions of submitting draft Open Space & Recreation Plan to the state for approval in September.  Public comment continues to be encouraged and welcomed throughout this process. 

Questions?  Please email the Open Space & Recreation Plan Update Committee at:

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Board Members

Name Title
Gary Bechtholdt, Town Planner Ex-Officio
Barbara McNamee, Chair Cons. Comm. Rep.
Chloe Mawn Cons. Comm. Rep.
Rainer Forst Planning Bd. Rep.
Bruce Frieswick Disability Comm. Rep.
Michael Proto Play & Rec. Rep.
Glenn King Member at Large
Joel Vander Werken Member at Large
Michael Tonry Member at Large
David Troen-Krasnow Member at Large
David Pickart Ex-Officio
Christine Johnson Member at Large
Vacancy - Selectmen's Rep.