The town manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the town, directly responsible to the board of selectmen for the administration of all town affairs for which the office of town manager is given responsibility by or under this charter. The powers and duties of the town manager shall include but are not intended to be limited to the following:
(a) To supervise, direct and be responsible for the efficient administration of all functions and activities for which the office of the town manager is given authority, responsibility or control by this charter, by by-law, by town meeting vote, by vote of the board of selectmen, or otherwise.
(b) To appoint, and in appropriate circumstances to remove, subject to the provisions of the civil service law and of any collective bargaining agreements that may be applicable, all department heads, officers, members of boards and commissions and employees for whom no other method of selection is provided by this charter. Such appointments shall become effective on the fifteenth day following the day on which notice of the appointment is filed with the board of selectmen, unless the board of selectmen shall within that period by a majority of all of its members vote to reject such appointment, or has sooner voted to affirm it. Copies of the notices of all such appointments shall be posted on the town bulletin board when submitted to the board of selectmen.
(c) To be responsible for the administration of a town personnel system, including but not limited to personnel policies and practices; rules and regulations, including provisions for an annual employee performance review; personnel by-law; and collective bargaining agreements entered into by the town. The town manager shall also prepare and keep current a plan establishing the personnel staffing requirements for each town agency, except the school department.
(d) To attend all regular and special meetings of the board of selectmen, unless unavailable for reasonable cause. The town manager shall have a voice, but no vote, in all of its proceedings.
(e) To ensure that full and complete records of the financial and administrative activities of the town are kept and to render as often as may be required by the board of selectmen, but not less than once in each year, a full report of all town administrative operations during the period reported on, which report shall be made available to the public.
(f) To keep the board of selectmen fully advised as to the needs of the town and recommend to the board of selectmen and to other elected town officers and agencies for adoption such measures requiring action by them or by the town meeting as the town manager may deem necessary or expedient.
(g) To have full jurisdiction over the rental and use of all town facilities and property except property under the control of the school committee, the board of library trustees or the conservation commission. The town manager shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all town buildings and facilities placed under the town manager’s control by this charter, by by-law, by vote of the town or otherwise.
(h) To prepare and present, in the manner provided in Article 6, an annual operating budget for the town and a proposed capital outlay program for the five fiscal years next ensuing.
(i) To ensure that a full and complete inventory of all property of the town, both real and personal, is kept, including all property under the jurisdiction of the school committee.
(j) To negotiate all contracts involving any subject within the jurisdiction of the office of town manager, including contracts with town employees, except employees of the school department, and involving wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.
(k) To be responsible for purchasing all supplies, material and equipment for all departments and activities of the town, but not including food for schools; schoolbooks and other material, supplies and equipment used for instruction in schools; or library books and other uniquely library-related supplies, equipment and items of the circulating collection unless otherwise specifically requested by the school committee or the library trustees, as appropriate. The town manager shall examine, or cause to be examined, the quantity, quality and condition of all supplies, material and equipment delivered to or received by any town agency, except schools and libraries. The town manager shall be responsible for the disposal of all supplies, material and equipment which have been declared surplus by any town agency.
(l) To see that all provisions of the general laws, provisions of this charter, town by-laws and other votes of the town meeting, and votes of the board of selectmen which require enforcement by the town manager or officers subject to the direction and supervision of the town manager are faithfully executed, performed, or otherwise carried out.
(m) To inquire at any time into the conduct of office or performance of duties of any officer or employee, department, board, commission or other town agency.
(n) To attend all sessions of all town meetings and answer all questions raised by voters which relate to warrant articles and to matters over which the town manager exercises any supervision.
(o) To reorganize, consolidate or abolish, in the manner provided in Article 5, town agencies serving under the supervision of the town manager, in whole or in part; to provide for new town agencies; and to provide for a reassignment of powers, duties and responsibilities among such agencies so established or existing.
(p) To coordinate the activities of all town agencies serving under the office of town manager and the office of the board of selectmen with the activities under the control of other officers and multiple-member bodies elected directly by the voters. For this purpose, the town manager shall have authority to require the persons so elected, or their representatives, to meet with the town manager, at reasonable times, for the purpose of effecting coordination and cooperation among all agencies of the town.
(q) To perform any other duties that are required to be performed by the town manager by by-laws, administrative code, votes of the town meeting, votes of the board of selectmen or otherwise.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Adam Gaudette Town Manager 508-234-2095
Melissa Ciaramitaro Sr. Adm. Asst. / HR Asst. 508-234-2095
Sharon Susienka Exec. Asst. to the Town Manager 508-234-2095