Senior Center In -Town Transportation

Council on Aging resumes in-town transportation services

In-town transportation via the Sr Bus is available for essential services only.  Please note there is limited capacity and the schedule will be staggered to safely accommodate all transportation requests.  Several new protocols are required for staff and riders to minimize the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Drivers will wear masks and follow proper hand hygiene.
  • All passengers must wear a mask except for the reasons specified in the Governor’s order.
  • All passengers must follow proper hand hygiene and maintain social distancing.
  • To maintain social distancing, seating capacity is limited and may be assigned.
  • Additional protocols are in place and will be communicated to staff and passengers prior to the use of transportation services. 

For more information and to reserve your transportation needs, please call the Northbridge Senior Center main number 508-234-2002