Green Communities Action Plan

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The development of our Green Communities Action Plan provides Northbridge with a set of actions to meet each of the five required criteria to achieve the Green Community designation.

The Action Plan provides a comprehensive summary of all the actions that the Town has already taken to date and identifies the critical remaining steps to meet all five criteria and successfully become a Green Community.

With the Green Community designation, Northbridge will become formally recognized as a sustainability leader in the Commonwealth, gain financial and environmental benefits through municipal energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and potentially attract new economic development opportunities within a rapidly expanding green economy.

Lastly, as an official Green Community, the Town of Northbridge would qualify to apply for Green Communities grants for studying, designing, constructing or implementing energy efficiency and renewable or alternative energy projects including but not limited to:

• Energy conservation measures and projects

• Procurement of energy management services

• Installation of energy management services

• Adoption of demand side reduction initiatives

• Adoption of energy efficiency policies.

• Financing the siting and construction of renewable or alternative energy projects on municipally‐owned land