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It should be noted that the above constables for the town do not serve private non-criminal process.

Please contact the Worcester County Sheriff's department at:

146 Main Street

Worcester, MA

telephone 508-752-1100

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Walter Warchol Police Chief 508-234-6211
Timothy Labrie Lieutenant 508-234-6211
Stephen Zollin Sergeant 508-234-6211
Shawn Heney Sergeant 508-234-6211
John Ouillette Det. Sergeant 508-234-6211
Brian Patrinelli Sergeant 508-234-6211
Donald Roy Det. Patrolman 508-234-6211
Kristina Westbury Patrolman 508-234-6211
Conrad Chickinski Patrolman 508-234-6211
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