43D -Expedited Permitting

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The Town of Northbridge adopted Mass General Law Chapter 43D –local Expedited Permitting in May of 2008, designating two (2) locations as Priority Development Sites (PDS).  Priority Development Sites have a 180-day local permitting period, may be publicly or privately owned and are (1.) zoned commercial or industrial, (2.) eligible under local zoning for the development / redevelopment of at least 50,000 square-feet and (3.) designated as a priority development site by the state's Interagency Permitting Board (IPB).  

Article XII – 43D Expedited Permitting (zoning bylaw)

A Best Practices Model for Streamlined Local Permiting

Click links below to learn more about Northbridge’s Priority Development Sites:

Linwood Cotton Mill

Assessor Map 5 Parcels 39 & 47

Main Street Properties

Assessor Map 1 Parcels 113; 114; 115; 185; & 199

Conceptual Layout Plan -Main Street -Priority Development Site (PDS)

The following resource documents & reports were completed as part of town’s expedited permitting initiatives. In total Northbridge received $99,900.00 in Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) funds from the Interagency Permitting Board. The grant was intended to assist with Chapter 43D implementation and site readiness.  

In addition, TAG funds were utilized for digital Assessor parcel conversion; GIS software & the municipal webpage update.  

Northbridge -43D Expedited Permitting Initiatives (2011 Annual Report)

Northbridge -43D Expedited Permitting Initiatives (2012 Annual Report)