Emergency Preparedness & Planning

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Emergency Operations Plan

The Board of Health is actively engaged in preparing an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that will address how we handle different emergency situations such as the operation of an emergency dispensing site, shelter operations, and response to infectious disease, natural disaster, or chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or enviornmental hazards. This plan, when completed, will be a collaborative effort of our public safety and emergency management departments.

Emergency Dispensing Sites

The Board of Health has completed a comprehensive plan for the operation of an Emergency Dispensing Site (EDS). An EDS would be utilized to vaccinate or distribute antibiotics to the residents of Northbridge in the event of a communicable disease outbreak, flu or other type of pandemic event, or an act of terrorism.

The objective of the EDS plan is to initiate operations within 24-hours of notification of an event and to provide initial treatment to 100% of the population within 48 hours.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) has provided guidance and funding to the cities and towns through Regional Host Agencies to assist in Emergency Preparedness and Planning.

Region 2 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition

The Region 2 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition consists of 74 cities and towns in Central Massachusetts. The Coalition is administered by an Executive Committee and governed by its Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consists of one member from each of the 74 communities it represents.


The successful operation of an Emergency Dispensing Site relies heavily upon the service of volunteers. The types of volunteers needed range in task from greeters and administrative personnel, to nursing and physician services, as well as child care service providers and operators of a food service department.

The Northbridge Board of Health has begun a recruitment effort focusing on health professionals. We now hope to expand that list with individuals wishing to serve in any role the EDS requires. If you are interested in serving your town in a volunteer capacity in the event of a public health emergency, please complete the Volunteer Enrollment Form or contact the office at (508) 234-3272 so that we may add your name and contact information to our list of volunteers.

In addition to the Northbridge Board of Health recruitment of volunteers, the Greater Grafton Medical Reserve Corp (GMRC)has invited the towns of Northbridge, Sutton, and Westboro to participate in their MRC! It is an exciting opportunity for our volunteers to not only enhance our regional efforts of emergency management, but also to allow you the opportunity to engage in educational efforts, outreach and health services throughout the year. By enrolling in MA Responds, a statewide database system, used by the GMRC, we will be able to streamline the management of our membership and put you in control of your information and availability.


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