Public Service Announcement –Body Art

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The Northbridge Board of Health would like to inform residents that it is ILLEGALto perform body art (tattooing) without first obtaining the proper licenses & permits from the local Board of Health.  Both the Body Art Establishment and the Body Art Practitioners must be licensed, and the establishment must be inspected. 

The Board of Health established regulations to ensure the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare of the community.  These regulations ensure strict adherence to sanitation, personal hygiene, sterilization, and aftercare requirements to prevent the transmission of diseases and injury to the client.

Needles used in tattooing and piercing can spread Hepatitis and HIV.

Before getting a tattoo, PLEASE contact the Board of Health in the community where the establishment is located to ensure that the facility has been licensed and inspected.  For more information or to obtain a free brochure on Body Art and protecting yourself from hepatitis and HIV, please call the Board of Health office at (508) 234-3272.