Fee Schedule


Food Permit Fees 
Food Service Establishment: 0-149 Seats$250.00
Food Service Establishment: Over 150 Seats$350.00
Retail Food Only$200.00
Retail Food: >5Registers Add:$300.00
Food Service With Retail Food / Retail Food w/Food Service$250.00
Residential Kitchen$150.00
Retail Food (Limited: prepackaged/<50 sq.ft.)$100.00
Caterer (w/ Food Service Establishment) Add:$50.00
Mobile Food/Seasonal$150.00
One Day/Temporary Event$50.00
One Day/Temporary Event (Non-Profit Organizations)No Charge
One Day/Temporary Event Late Fee$25.00
Frozen Dessert Machine$75 per machine
Food Re-Inspection Fees: 
First Re-inspectionNo Charge
Second Re-inspection$200.00
Third Re-inspection$300.00
Fourth Re-inspectionRevocation of permit
Food Establishment - Plan Review Fees: 
1-2,000 SF$200.00
2,001-5,000 SF$300.00
5,001-10,000 SF$400.00
Over 10,000 SF$600.00
Title 5—Engineering Related Fees 
Disposal Works Installers License$150.00
Soils Evaluation - New Construction$400.00
Soils Evaluation - Repair$300.00
Percolation Test Only$250.00
Deep Hole Only (Ground Water Determination)$250.00
Review of Sewage Disposal Plans (First 2 reviews)$250.00
Additional plan reviews (when necessary)$125.00 per review
Septic Installation Inspections (Bottom, Component, Grading, Stabilization)$400.00
Retaining wall/clay barrier inspection$100.00
Soils Testing/Plan Review—Requests for Extension$150.00
Subdivision Review

Hourly Rate + 20% (Min Fee $300)

Commercial Testing (per site)$125/Hour
Title 5 Inspection Report Filing Fee (only when "Needs Further Evaluation by Local Approving Authority"):$140.00
Well Permit Fees 
Well Construction Permit$100.00
Well Destruction Permit$50.00
Body Art 
Body Art Establishment$200.00
Body Art Practitioner$100.00
Inspection for Certification of Dwelling$100.00
Re-inspection after compliance period$50/per inspection
Seasonal Facilities 
Bathing Beach$30.00
Public Pool$100.00
Recreational Camp for Children$100 (1st week) + $30 ea. Add'l wk
Stables & Barns 
Stable Permit—Private$50.00
Stable Permit—Public$100.00
Solid Waste 
Trash Hauler Permit$200.00
Construction & Demolition Dumpster - Annual Permit$150.00
Construction & Demolition Dumpster - Temporary (30-day)$25.00
Other Fees 
Funeral Director License$100.00
Hot Tub Permit (Commercial)$100.00
Tanning Facility$150.00
Tobacco Retailer Permit$200.00
Septage Hauler Permit$200.00