Public Forum -Open Space & Recreation Plan (7:00 PM -Wednesday, December 08, 2021)


Please join the Open Space & Recreation Plan Update Committee Wednesday, December 08, 2021 (7:00 PM -via ZOOM) for a Public Forum on Open Space & Recreation Plans.  Melissa Cryan, Division of Conservation Services (EOEEA) will provide an overview of open space plans in Massachusetts; after which the OSRP Update Committee shall seek input from the public on priority projects & general comments on existing amenities within Northbridge.  Please feel to join us virtually for this informal public engagement. The ZOOM link is included on 12/08/2021 OSRP Update Committee Agenda which may be accessed online at If you should have any questions or wish to learn more about this initiative please contact R. Gary Bechtholdt II, Town Planner -Community Planning & Development at (508) 234-2447 or

-Click to view Agenda (/including ZOOM Link)