Northbridge Cable TV “Adult Content” Review Procedure


See the “Northbridge Local Cable Access TV Channels 11, 12, 13 Policy Manual” for detailed information on content which is prohibited from NCTV programming by state or federal laws, and for the protection of our community’s children.

At this time, the purpose of the CSRB is to review programming for so-called “adult content,” specifically for indecent, obscene, and pornographic materials, and to make a determination of whether and at what times such materials can be aired. The following is the procedure for submissions of programs to be reviewed by the CSRB for “adult content”:

1.  All programs containing any materials which could be construed as adult content according to the “Northbridge Local Cable Access TV Channels 11, 12, 13 Policy Manual” are to be reported to the CSRB via the 2-page form approved by the Cable Advisory Committee in October 2008. These forms need to be submitted to the manager of the NCTV studio with recorded programs or with a summary of live programs.

2. CSRB members will check with the studio manager on Friday afternoons to see whether there are any adult content programs to be reviewed. If there are, CSRB members will view these programs at the NCTV studio before the next CSRB meeting, if possible, depending on the number of submissions.

3. Adult content submissions cannot be aired until a determination of the degree of that content is made by the CSRB. Review and discussion of submissions will occur, if at all possible, at the next CSRB meeting. These are public meetings, and the producer/sponsor(s) will receive notification of the date and time that their work is scheduled to be reviewed by the Board.

4. Producer/sponsor(s) will receive notification of the Board’s determination within 48 hours of the meeting in which it was reviewed, with copies of the determination sent to the studio manager and Charter Cable supervisor, to the Town Manager, the Board of Selectmen, and the Cable Advisory Committee. If the determination is that the program must be edited by its producer or sponsor in order to air, the program must be re-submitted by the same procedure for final CSRB approval before it can air.