Code of Regulations
Administrative Procedures201-1
Food Establishments - Permitting and Operation; Grease Interceptors, Frozen Dessert Machines201-2
Title 5 - Sewage Disposal201-5
Floor Drain Regulations201-6
Smoking & Tobacco - Restricting the Sale of Tobacco Products (2023)201-7

Drug Paraphernalia & Synthetic Cannabinoids - Ban on Sale of

Wells - Construction/Water Quality/Quantity201-10
Keeping of Farm Animals & Poultry - Stabling Requirements201-11
Trash Haulers - Permitting and Operation201-17
Dumpster Contractors201-18
Body Art201-20
Regulations Restricting the Sale of Marijuana201-22
Prohibition of Smoking in Workplaces & Public Places 201-19
Fee Schedule (2023)201-23
Non-Criminal Disposition201-24
Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces
Now regulated by DEP Air Quality Regulations
Certified List of Outdoor Furnaces approved for sale in Massachusetts 

Massage Establishments & Practitioners
Licensure is through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts—Division of Professional Licensure—Board of Registration of Massage Therapy

DPL Board of Registration in Massage Therapy