We are excited to bring back our Monthly Public Health Tip Newsletters! 


JANUARY - Road Safety in Dangerous Weather

FEBRUARY - Driving Safety

MARCH - Home Septic System Care

APRIL - Avian Influenza

MAY - Suicide Prevention Hotlines & Resources

JUNE - Lyme Disease



JANUARY - Winter Safety

FEBRUARY - Power Outages

MARCH - Electrical Safety (First Aid & Prevention Series)

APRIL - Burns (First Aid & Prevention Series)

MAY - Falls (First Aid & Prevention Series)

JUNE - Opioid Overdose (First Aid & Prevention Series)

JULY - Swim Safety (First Aid & Prevention Series)

AUGUST - Bee and Wasp Stings (First Aid & Prevention Series)

SEPTEMBER - Tornadoes - Keeping safe in Severe Weather

OCTOBER - Bats and Rabies

NOVEMBER - Strokes: Recognizing the Early Signs

DECEMBER - Safe Alcohol Use: Drinking Responsibly



APRIL: Ticks - Keeping Yourself Safe

MAY - Sun Safety (Includes QR code for UV Index!)

JUNE - Have a Food Safe Summer

JULY - Rodents

AUGUST - Extreme Heat

SEPTEMBER - Emergency Preparedness

OCTOBER - Halloween Safety

NOVEMBER - Turkey Dinner - Cooking Safe and Healthy Meals

DECEMBER - Fire Safety




JANUARY - National Glaucoma Awareness Month

FEBRUARY - February is American Heart Month

MARCH - March 20th is Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet Day

APRIL - Oral Cancer Awareness Month

MAY - Skin Cancer Awareness Month

JUNE - National Safety Month

JULY - Eating Outdoors - Handling Food Safely

AUGUST - Psoriasis Awareness Month

SEPTEMBER - Be Informed - Receive Emergency Alerts

OCTOBER - Fire Prevention Week is October 7 - 13

NOVEMBER - Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

DECEMBER - National Handwashing Awareness Week 



JANUARY - Safe Disposal of Sharps & RX Medications

FEBRUARY - Learn How to Shelter-In-Place

MARCH - National Poison Prevention Week (March 19-25, 2017)

APRIL - Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

MAY - Protect Your Family and Yourself from Skin Cancer

JUNE - Hurricane Safety Tips

JULY - Extreme Heat - Frequently Asked Questions

AUGUST - Radon Fact Sheet

SEPTEMBER - Caring for Your Septic System

OCTOBER - It's Time to Get Your Flu Shot!

NOVEMBER - Turkey Basics: Safe Cooking

DECEMBER - Be Prepared - Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter



JANUARY - Winter Storms & Extreme Cold

FEBRUARY - Disposal of Common Household Hazardous Wastes

MARCH - Rabies Awareness

APRIL - Spring Clean Your Way to a Safer Kitchen

MAY - Osteoporosis Awareness Month

JUNE - Summer Food Safety

JULY - Thunderstorm and Lightning Safety Tips

AUGUST - Back to School Food Safety Reminders

SEPTEMBER - September is National Preparedness Month

OCTOBER - Is Fresh Cider Safe?

NOVEMBER - Food Safety Tips for Healthy Holidays

DECEMBER - Take the first step to Quit Smoking