Housing & Lead Paint

Minimum Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation:

105 CMR 410.000 Minimum Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation

The purpose of 105 CMR 410.000 is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of the occupants of substandard housing and of the general public, to facilitate the use of legal remedies available to occupants of substandard housing, to assist boards of health in their enforcement of this code and to provide a method of notifying interested parties of violations of conditions which require immediate attention


Lead Paint

The Lead Paint Law requires the de-leading or interim control of lead hazards existing in homes built before 1978 where children under the age of six reside. Lead poisoning is a disease caused by lead in the body that is especially dangerous for young children. It can cause permanent damage to the brain, kidneys and nervous system. Even low levels can slow a child’s development and cause learning and behavior problems.

Tenant Lead Law Notification Requirements: Under Massachusetts and federal law, owners must comply with Tenant Notification requirements when a prospective tenant is about to rent a home built before 1978, whether they have a child under six or not. The aim of this requirement is to inform tenants about the danger lead paint poses to children and adults, lead poisoning prevention tips, and the requirements of the Lead Law.

To comply with both the State & Federal Tenant Notification requirements, the owner must supply the prospective tenant the following documents before entering a rental agreement:

Two copies of the Tenant Notification and Tenant Certification Form (one for the owner to keep and one for the tenant);

A copy of the most recent lead inspection or risk assessment report for the rental unit, if one exists; &

A copy of any Letter of Compliance or Letter of Interim Control for the rental unit, if one exists.



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