Meeting Rooms & Presentations

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Meeting Rooms & Presentations 

Meeting Rooms

The Whitinsville Social Library provides space for small group or larger meetings at the Library when the Library is open. Email the Library Manager at to reserve these areas: 

  • Tween/Teen - Available for public meetings and presentations for up to 40 people. Handicap accessible. 
  • Historical Room - May be available for group meetings up to 8 people with approval of the Library Director. Handicap accessible.


Tutors: The bottom floor of the library is WSL's preferred location for tutoring in 2 or 3 person groups on a first-come, first-served basis. The Childrens Room is not available to tutors unless accompanied by a child under 10. 

Tutors should take care to maintain low voice levels throughout their session as sound carries easily throughout the building, including between floors. WSL does not guarantee that space will be available for tutoring or the noise level of the library will be suitable for tutoring at any given time. Tutors can review WSL's Calendar before making tutoring appointments when this is a concern. 


The Tween/Teen is available for groups or individuals to make public presentations on a space available basis. The library's use of the space takes precedence over an outside group. Please refer to WSL's Events Calendar for available dates and times. Presentations cannot be scheduled outside of the library's regular hours, although evening presentations may run past 8 pm with library approval.

The library can provide a projection screen, projector, and extension cords. 

Presentations cannot include sales pitches for specific businesses or services, and must be open to the public free of charge. The suitability of a presentation is determined by the Library Director. 

The library may include public presentations as part of the library's marketing in local newspapers, cable, in library publications, etc. with a minimum of 6 weeks notice. 

Email the Library Manager  at with any questions about using a meeting room or making a presentation.