Senior and Handicapped Citizen Charter Cable Discount

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The Senior Citizen or Handicapped Citizen Discount shall be ten percent (10%) off of the price of the Basic Service tier of service for those subscribers purchasing the basic service tier only or purchasing basic service plus expanded service tier only, and shall not apply to any other channels, packages or tiers.


To be eligible, a resident must meet the following criteria: sixty-five (65) years of age or older and head of household receiving one of the following: (i) Supplemental Security Income (SSI); (ii) Medicaid; (iii) Veterans’ Services Benefits; (iv) the Town’s income-based senior citizen real estate tax abatement, if any, pursuant to applicable law.

To establish eligibility, a resident shall bring or mail to a charter office, a photocopy of a valid driver’s license, birth certificate or other document definitively establishing age, plus a photocopy of documentation definitively establishing receipt by the resident at time of application for this discount.  A resident need establish eligibility for this discount only once to continue receiving it so long as they remain a Subscriber.