Downtown Rockdale Study -Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Public Input/Listening Session & TAP Presentation
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Residents & Stakeholders -Please join us Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at the Northbridge Memorial Town Hall (7 Main Street) to discuss Rockdale and strategies to enhance & promote future development opportunities within the downtown area during two (2) Morning Input/Listening Sessions (10-11:00 AM & 11-12PM) followed by an Evening Presentation by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) at 6PM.  Light refreshments will be served.

The Northbridge Community Planning & Development Office, in partnership with the Planning Board is working with MassDevelopment and the Urban Land Institute in developing strategies to enhance & promote future development opportunities for downtown Rockdale.  This workshop is designed to provide objective, expert advice to municipal, residents and community-based organizations on the feasibility, design, & implementation of development initiatives.  

An interdisciplinary team of professionals (TAP -Technical Assistance Panel) will conduct a day-long brainstorming session to develop strategies & realistic options to help move identified projects forward.  Topics of discussion to include:

  • Slum & Blight

What role can the Town play to assist & address vacant/underutilized/deteriorated properties?

  • Zoning

What role can the Town play in promoting private reinvestment?

  • Flooding

What can be done to minimize the potential for flooding along the Blackstone River?

Residents & local stakeholders are encouraged to participate in an informal session during the day (10AM) to identify and discuss focused topics, as well as attend an evening presentation (6PM) by the TAP who will review findings and identify next steps.  Your input is important, please share your thoughts & experiences with us. 

This is a great opportunity to start thinking about positive ways to enhance & revitalize downtown Rockdale. 

Please RSVP by contacting the Community Planning & Development Office at (508) 234-2447 or by email at  

Thank you,

R. Gary Bechtholdt II, Northbridge Town Planner