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James Shuris, P.E., MBA                                                                         

   Director of Public Works




RE:    Sutton Street Reconstruction Project


The $7.8M Sutton Street Reconstruction Project consisting of improvements of approximately 2.1-miles of roadway corridor is currently underway.  This project is being funded and managed/administered by under the management of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT).  The project limits extend from the Sutton Town line to Providence Road (Route 122).  The improvements will include a new roadway surface, improved drainage, new (defined) and wider shoulders to accommodate bicycle, new handicap accessible sidewalks and curbing, cross-walks, pavement markings and signage, and new public shade trees.  The intersection of Sutton Street and Hill Street will be reconfigured and new flashing traffic beacons will be installed at each of the intersections located at Sutton Street/Hill Street and Sutton Street/Providence Road (Route 122).  The project also includes new sewer and water mains and service lines extending from Eisenhower Drive to the Hill Street intersection.  The project duration is planned to take two (2) years.




 Sewer and water main extensions have been installed. Construction Excavation is now underway from Hill Street to Sutton line. Hill Street to the West drainage work continues. Traffic Delays to be expected.



Drainage and Sewer Work continues on Jefferson and Eisenhower, utility pole relocation is substantially   complete. This work will continue over the next several months.



A Detour has been put  in place between the hours of 7am-3pm Monday through Friday, Between Eisenhower and Jefferson. Traffic is being detoured due to the installation of drainage and sewer lines at the same time, to shorten duration of construction. The Detour and work will continue for several weeks.




Drainage Work Continues in the eastbound lane by Eisenhower Drive and Gendron St.  Minor Delays Expected.


12 April 2014

 The work currently underway includes drainage-related work, tree clearing and/or utility work.  This work will continue throughout this construction season.  During this time, MassDOT has informed the Northbridge Department of Public Works that the road will be kept open for local traffic, except for police-detail, one-lane traffic in each direction in the area of construction.  Therefore, minor traffic delays are to be expected.  MassDOT will also give the Town advance notification of any detours that may be needed to accommodate emergencies and/or planned construction activities.  


 28 April 2014 / 5 May 2014

Drainage work continues from Eisenhower to Gendron Street.  Reclamation work extends from Gendron Street to Alana drive on the southernmost lane.

Tree clearing work is substantially complete and removal of the felled trees remains, together with the removal of existing tree trunks. Structures and piping for drainage and sewer related work exist along roadside shoulders from Eisenhower drive to Cooper road. One lane traffic remains using police details. Minor delays expected.