Invite to NCTV Producers - 09/08

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September 19, 2008

To: Northbridge Local-Access Cable Television Producers

Dear Producer:

The newly created Community Standards Review Board is offering Northbridge local-access cable television producers a unique opportunity for one producer to become a member of the Board. The Community Standards Review Board was recently established by the Board of Selectmen as a venue for reviewing Northbridge’s NCTV-11 productions, those which purportedly contain so-called “adult content”. With the protection of the community’s children in mind, the mission of the three-member Board is to work with these producers to ensure that their shows do not contain indecent and obscene materials, as defined by the “Northbridge Local Cable Access TV Channels 11, 12, 13 Policy Manual.”


This is an opportunity for you to become involved not only in the protection of our children, but of the creative process of our local-access television producers, for the enrichment of yourself, as well as the community of Northbridge. As a producer, you are uniquely qualified to understand the issues of creating and producing a television show or series for local-access television. We invite you to apply to become a member of the Board, to let your voice as a producer and as a member of the community make a difference in this important issue.


If you wish to be considered for appointment to the Community Standards Review Board, please fill out a Talent Bank Form at the Town Hall, 7 Main Street, Whitinsville, and submit it to the Town Manager’s office. We will notify you of the meeting date during which we will review your application so that you can attend.



Best regards,


Community Standards Review Board





Anne Stefaniak Carrie Maynard